Why I love East Campus

14 Sep

1. I swear I heard a drum line practicing on my street today. Not even kidding. I couldn’t see where the “music” was coming from, but it was definitely live. 

2. Today (Monday) is trash day. A wonderful reminder of all of the aluminum beverages consumed this weekend, the old couch that’s too nasty even for this hood and a mountain of pizza boxes. Today after the trashman (or maybe trashwoman, who knows?) had already picked up the haul, one house did not get serviced. They have two plastic cartons of delicious-looking brownies left behind. I was tempted, but I’d like to think my mamma taught me better. I hope some little critter get to those before they get any older.

3. I saw a car get towed today- I don’t love the parking situation over here. The sight of it made me sad for my anonymous neighbor that now has to pay to get his or her station wagon back. I feel a compelling sense of community and an overwhemling relief that my car was still parked where I left it.

4. Neighbors. Since this is basically the student ghetto most of our neighbors are students (except for a few brave families). We came home Friday to this note on our door: 

Hey Girls!

We rang the doorbell but you weren’t home. We are having a party after the game tomorrow for my birthday! We have lots of different shots and would like to get to know you guys! Hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

How nice is that? When my family moved into my suburban neighborhood when I was five our neighbors didn’t invite us over for shots. 

5. Katie brought home this cute guy who is now our porch ornament:



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