Columbia Scavenger Hunt!

14 Sep

This semester I’m also taking J4700, Online Journalism. We spend time in class discussing the growing role of citizen journalism and solicit posts for our website: (the blogging component of The Missourian). 

Our first big assignment was a “Columbia Orientation Tour.” We were given a long, long list of places in Columbia to find (and take a picture to prove it). After finished CoMo’s hidden treasures we had t o create a google map and embed the photos. The assignment was intended to show students that there is much more to Columbia than MU and downtown. 

We made four trips to gather all of the pictures. As much as we planned, we backtracked and re-visited a few parts of town more than once. I think my favorite part was the Subtera Underground Warehouse. I had NO idea those things existed or that we had one in Columbia. I kind of wish I had something big and important to keep in it. Elizabeth’s iphone made the trip a lot easier (and my roommate’s car). It would have taken a few extra hours to map out all of the locations. I hope the videos work… enjoy!

p.s. The Missourian should reimburse us for gas money!
View My Columbia Orientation Map in a larger map


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