Obama speaks to students

9 Sep

This morning I arrived at KBIA with two story ideas and then ended up with a completely different story. I worked with two Broadcast I reporters during their first shift at the station. I definitely got my first taste in the editing and producing side…

Our story covered the “scandal” or lack thereof around Obama’s (or Mr. Obama according to NPR style guidelines) speech to students. The speech was aired on C-SPAN at 11a.m. and intended to be viewed in classrooms. Naturally, parents either think it was dreadfully important that their students see this speech or were downright offended that Mr. Obama was peddling his platform to the children. 


Obama addresses a younger crowd (pic from cnn.com)

Obama addresses a younger crowd (pic from cnn.com)


The Columbia School District left the decision to the teachers as to whether or not to show it during class time. According to my research most teachers were too busy or didn’t want to anger parents and chose not to show the speech, besides the podcast is available if they want to watch it at home…

I went to Hickman High School, where I was told the vice principal would find me a teacher and some students to talk to about the speech and the scandal. No one would talk. So I waited for over an hour and the principal promised he’d call me tomorrow (lots of help on a day turn story…). As far as I know, no one at Hickman watched the speech.

My two partners went to Rock Bridge High School and had much better luck. They talked to two principals and students.

We met back at KBIA and Janet decided that  I should write a longer version of the story to air tomorrow morning and they would each write a wrap to be aired at the 5p.m. newscast. Using their material I spent the afternoon writng a script, voicing and editing the piece. 

I also helped out my partners because it was their first story.  I forgot how overwhelming Cool Edit is when you don’t know how to use it. One of my partners was a great deal older than me (at least 20 years). It was challenging to explain some of the seemingly simple process to him and I got a little frustrated when he didn’t take my advice and then asked me the same thing a few minutes later. SOrry Karen and Lynda for all the times I did that.

Because I had experience with producing I could produce a longer piece and show more depth and more voices in my story.  It was a little tricky using interviews that I did not conduct and writing them into my script. I thought a few times, “I would have asked…” I think the final product is alright considering it’s not a very exciting story in the first place.

Here’s the link:



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