Cooper County Hospital Cuts

31 Aug

I just completed my first shift of the semester at KBIA! What a great place to ease back into the mindset of a journalist. I spent a few weeks there last semester and fell in love with the laid-back newsroom and the positive encouragement of Janet, Sara and Maureen.

Today was no different. All of the B1 and 4804 kids were getting tours so there were only two 4806ers at the 9a.m. pitch meeting. We each received a day turn story to complete during our shifts. I covered a job cut at Cooper County Memorial Hospital that was announced last Friday. It cut 10% of the workforce at the small, small hospital. 

Unfortunately, because the hospital was so small (and their website was under construction) getting a hold of a spokesperson or the executive officer on the board of trustees was a huge problem. The administrative assistant unkindly denied all of my requests and the best thing I could get from the hospital was the press release from the HR department. 

In order to get a sound bite for the story and avoid reading a news release on air, I called the Cooper County Health Center- no help. Then I found a rural healthcare specialist from UNC. He talked to me a little bit about the problem on a national scale, which provided some context and depth for my story. 

I finished the story and it should air tonight or tomorrow. Today reminded me how much I love Adobe Audition.


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