Thanks Mr. Marke, four years too late

4 Aug

This weekend I’m switching bedrooms with my brother who is soon to be an only child. Although my new room is much smaller, it’s incentive to not move back in with my parents after college, right?

Moving also meant cleaning out all of my childhood “treasures.” I found oodles of Spanish flashcards in all of my desk drawers. I think I made hundreds of them during four years of Spanish and never threw away one until this weekend. I also packed up my porcelain dolls, which someday I’ll give to my daughters and then tell them not to play with them because they’ll be antiques.

Besides Spanish flashcards, I also felt the need to keep all of my notebooks, quizzes and tests from high school.  Honestly, most of the subjects I will never have to take again and if I did, it would be easier to google any information I want to look up. So why were they taking up space in my closet? As I drug them to the mountain of recycling I started flipping through a few. Bad idea. I suddenly became more attached to calculus notebook from senior year after seeing all of my hard work in pencil. I wanted to keep all the test I got good grades on too because I’m a nerd.

 For the record I still threw all of it away (actually, I recycled).  The only things I saved were my World Lit notebook because it was probably my favorite class, as well as my Quest for Hope project that ruined my life second semester senior year (ok, I loved that class, too). 

In my Lit notes I found this article by Bill Simmons we studied. I don’t remember much about it relating to World Lit, but I remember reading the article and thinking I could totally do that. Maybe my journalism inspiration?

 It’s pretty random and it may seem strange that we read ESPN articles in sophomore World Lit, but you probably don’t know Mr. Marke. Check it out:Great sports any way you spell it


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