Things I love

29 May


  1. Free Stuff. We’re getting tons of it! I think I have at least 5 new t-shirts, a sweet water bottle, key chains, ice cream, 2 little back pack things, a football highlights DVD, and best of all: a $50.00 itunes gift card. Departments on campus have figured out that we’re really tired and we’ve seen a thousand presentations, so they give us lots of stuff. Ohh and a 10% discount at the bookstore.
  2. Ag Majors. Guys that tuck their t-shirts into their jeans. Cowboy boots & country drawls. I think it’s apparent that I visited the Ag school.
  3. My Nalgene. SW gave them to us (for F-R-E-E, that spells free) so we don’t pass out this summer. I planned on buying one and then forgot, lucky me. It’s purple and I think I filled it up four times today. Unfortunately, I have to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes, but hey, I’m not falling asleep!
  4. Carnival Cookies. Eating three meals a day at Plaza is getting old super fast. They are only fixing one or two different dishes, so it’s slim pickins. Luckily they are making all of my favorite cookies. 

water bottle


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