Day one done

26 May

Returned from camping/bonding yesterday afternoon. I forgot what it feels like to be dirty and sweaty for three days. I’m really glad my parents took us camping a lot as kids. Lots of other leaders (girls and some guys too) were really grossed out by the bugs and the shower and the nature in general. None of that really bothered me except for the lack of soap in the bathroom. Thanks mom, for making me a germaphob.

Besides nature, all the bonding and the obscene amounts of wiffleball were awesome. I think we are already working better as a team and it was nice to play for a change. It’s been a few days but I can already tell we have a pretty awesome group! I really wish I could have gone to my sister’s graduation, but I think she understands that I’m really proud of her and I wanted to be there on her special day.

Spent most of today in a little meeting room learning about EVERYTHING Mizzou. The information is super valuable, but sitting still is not my thing.

We ate lunch at Mizzou Arena and learned about the lame new general admission policy for student seating. That’s going to be a mess.. We also took some pics on the court!

Only 13 more days of training!! 




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