Last day home

22 May

Since I’m missing my sister’s graduation and mass, mom insisted we squeeze in a family photo for the Christmas card. Even though the mass is tomorrow and the graduation on Sunday, we all dressed up tonight for a pseudo photo shoot. We curled hair, found matching earrings, etc. just to stand in the front yard for ten minutes as our neighbor took pictures. I’m really sad I can’t be there for my sis’ special day.

Days like today makes me think our family is not normal. All the hassle before the picture reminds me of every Sunday morning of my whole life. Our pre-church ritual consists of at least two costume changes for my sister and I and probably shoes that don’t even match the outfit. We couldn’t go to mass until the outfit was mom-approved.

A few things this week made me sad that I’ll be at school most of the summer. The angel food cake yesterday. Only a few more months of cafeteria food then I’ll be cooking! Azaleas. Every year they bloom on Mother’s Day weekend. For the past two years I missed the overwhelming pink greeters in our front yard. By the time I got home, they were all dead. Today we trimmed back the bushes and now they’re just boring and green.

Heading back to the place I love the most tomorrow!


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