Aloha Blog

18 May

n1522080309_30695560_8935So I started this blog a little while ago because I wanted to try it out. Then exams and projects hit, leaving me to forget all things that do not have grades. Now they are over and I have an entire week of nothing but scholarship applications, dusting the room I hardly ever live in, reading, and blogging.

I realized why I never had a blog until now (I feel a lot of pressure, all the cool journalism students have been doing this for years). It’s my roommate Emily.  We talk every night about pretty much everything, so I have no deep thoughts or anecdotes left for a blog. We lived together for three semesters, and unfortunately we’re not going to be together this summer or next year. She’s spending the summer at home in Texas, and I’m home for the week and then back to school for work. I already miss her so I decided I should start this blog thingy.

Em is in Hawaii for the week on vacation, so I’m guessing she’s not missing me as much as I am her, at least not right now.


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